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Ramona Rosales

Great photographer who lives in Los Angeles California.








Ramona Rosales Interview

Experimenting with colors as if they were levels. 

Spaces in succession that create a timeless aesthetic union, that’s however very contemporary. 

Irony, imagination, composition, these are all parts of Ramona’s artistic process that fully define her works. 

Look at these images. 

Ramona Rosales is playing. 

She’s playing with colors, and isn’t afraid to do it. 

She creates through chromatics, a separation between static and motion. 

Both future, and present. She tells us about characters while hiding them from us. All from behind colorful balloons, in Balloons, or by creating an extremely adorable pantomime as in the Melissa McCarthy & Ben Falcone project. 

How were you able to approach the “Colors” topic without calling it that? 

And thankfully, you answered. 

The saturation of colors 

is an imposing part of your work. 

Can colors be an expressive medium through which one can tell a story?


RAMONA: For me, color can be a voice and a tool to tell a story. Color can dictate a mood or idea of the overall project and guide the 

viewer through the journey into this specific world the artist has 

created. Within our own experiences, our relationship with color can 

have deep personal connections that trigger individual associations from our subconscious that can cue positive or negative emotion to specific colors. 

What I find fascinating about this idea, anyone may have their own adventure in the experience of viewing work beyond what the artist own relationship to the color and the story the tell. 


Which colors have the most affinity 

with your personality? 

RAMONA: I love combinations of color that trick your eye when 2 or more colors are near each other. On the biological and physical levels it’s explained why we see color vibration or harmonies but on a personal level it’s like hearing a chord on the piano. I tend to gravitate toward bright vivid colors, but love to mix with lighter or darker values to enhance the key color which definitely telling of my personality. 


Neil Leifer said: 

“Photography doesn’t show us reality, it shows us the ideas we have of it.” 

What color would Ramona’s ideal world be? 

RAMONA: My world would be very colorful and saturated with the hopes that the pallet would inspire fun and happiness as it does for myself. 

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