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Satoshi Hirose / Artissima

Satoshi Hirose is a contemporary Japanese artist, who incorporates various media such as installation, environmental interventions, performance, sculpture, photography, drawing and projects more encompassing to create artwork in which the worlds of reality and memory intermingle. Hirose elaborates on the trans-cultural experience in his artistic visualizations, which apply various mediums and objects to evoke sensations of clarity and floating. Converting intangible ideas into visible object is a consistent core concept in Hirose's work. Hirose is inventing unique forms of expression and creating situations that transform our perception of everyday life. It promotes the imagination of deterritorialization, which freely traverses boundaries. His seemingly minimal spaces are poetic and admit of different interpretations. By putting common everyday things in an unusual context, he discloses - deep at the level of the body - the uncertainty of our aesthetic standards and changing existence or relations at the border of every sphere of human activity, and thus indicates a possibility of art. Fragments picked out by the artist from everyday circumstances make you sensible of what you have in common with other beings and respectful of the difference between you and the others. In this reality of the others, we are conscious of a macrocosmic world beyond microcosmic everyday phenomena, as is reflected in the border jumping spirit of the artist who, taking a skeptical view of human existence and of the general course of society, moves about the world as if to dismiss fixed ideas that hamper his body. The meta-cultural existence of the moving artist who is living between different cultures challenges the stereotype according to which a cultural background, such as a nation or ethnic group, materializes art. Born in 1963 in Tokyo, currently working in Milan and Tokyo. Hirose graduated from Tama Art University – two years later he received an Italian government scholarship and moved to Italy. Hirose completed his studies at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan with the assistance of a Pola Art Foundation’s Research Grant. In 2008 he worked in New York as a trainee in the overseas program of the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan. He was invited to do exhibition by major museum in the world including the Art Center, Mito and Hiroshima City museum of Contemporary Art in Japan, Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Prato, Bologna Modern Art Museum, Bologna in Italy, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, Sydney in Australia etc..


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